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Hi, I'm Kim! 

As a salon owner for 30 years, I've had my share of ups and downs. Truthfully, most of the time, I wished I had a cheerleader to help me get through the rough times and celebrate the good times.

I'm sharing my experiences, expertise, and knowledge so you, the salon owner, will have a  cheerleader in your back pocket.


Everyone has a story.

My mission is to help others by sharing my story, struggles, triumphs,failures, mishaps, and successes.


Sharing my personal story is for leaders, salon owners, hairstylists, and anyone whose story and traumas keep them locked in their own chaos, unable to be the leader or the person they were meant to be.


I'm sharing my vulnerabilities to help others realize that despite their beginnings and past, you can achieve anything and you are more than your story.

I believe everyone has a destiny filled with peace, happiness, and success.

Together, in S.O.N.G

The Salon Owners Networking Membership is a supportive, innovative, creative, safe space with like-minded salon owners coming together for support, personal development, growth, education, connections, and our communities.

Together, we are the sound of salon owners working to elevate the beauty industry's future through scholarship contributions and community volunteering. 

To join our free Facebook group or become a member of our Salon Owners Networking Group annual membership

click here.

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