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Ages 1-12

I was abandoned in a car at the age of one and spent four years in the foster care system. My adoption trauma played out not only in my personal life but in my career as a hairstylist and as a salon leader.



Ages 13-18

At the age of 13, I was already heavy into drugs, drinking, and any other self-destructive behavior I could find.

Against the advice of everyone, I left my conventional high school to attend "The Voke" (a local trades high school) to become a hairstylist.


“The Voke” had a reputation as a last-resort high school, a perfect place for anyone who felt like a misfit.

I was failing multiple classes, including cosmetology. I was told I would never be successful as a hairstylist, never make a decent living, and hairdressing was a fun hobby, but I should get a "real" job.

I've spent the past 35 years proving the world wrong and training new beauty professionals to do the same. 


Age 25 to infinity...

I opened my salon at the age of 25 and have been on a mission since to guide new beauty professionals to success and help elevate the beauty industry.


At 53, I retired as a salon owner, went on to my next mission, and created S.O.N.G. 

The Salon Owner's Networking Group 


A networking and educational community for beauty industry entrepreneurs.

S.O.N.G is the safe space I needed on my journey of salon ownership.


About My Tattoo

My tattoo is behind me, yet close to my heart.

The message of my tattoo is to "learn from the past,"

I put my tattoo in a place where I can look over my shoulder and be reminded of what it took to get where I am today. 

 If my tattoo were in front of me, my past would also be in front of me, blocking me from moving forward in my life.


When we face the not-so-great pieces of our story, the choices we make at that moment is what makes the difference in our life. 

Learn from your past, heal your past, embrace your past and be proud of your story.


Your story is the reason you are

the beautiful person you are today.

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