The business of hair.

”I remember struggling and feeling overwhelmed when I first started out in the beauty industry.


I am forever grateful for the help, guidance, and opportunities my career has given me through the years.

My hope is to inspire you, share my knowledge, and do it all with love and compassion.”


–Kim Russell

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My Story

We all have a story; it depends what we do with that story that shapes us and our lives. 


A very small part of my story is that I was left in a car at the age of one, and spent my first five years in the foster care system before I was adopted by my parents. The issues that came with my abandonment played out every day in my career and my life—sometimes in a good way and sometimes not so good. 


I was 12 years old when I knew all I wanted to be was a hairdresser. 

Against the advice of my guidance counselors, some friends and some family members, I left my conventional high school and went to North Shore Regional Vocational Technical High School, “The Voke” as we called it. The Voke had a reputation as a last-resort high school for misfits. It was where you ended up just before you got kicked out or you quit. 


I failed cosmetology school (and many other classes) only for my teachers to pass me with a D in my senior year. This came after my cosmetology teacher called my father to tell him to put me back into a conventional high school and that I was NEVER going to be a hairdresser. He begged her to let me finish my last year with a promise that I would mature and do better in my senior year. Unfortunately for my teacher, he was wrong. 


My Philosophy

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Learn more,
ommunicate better,

and build confidence.