Salon Owners Networking

I love salon owners!


I thrive on your passion and dedication to the beauty industry. I love talking with you, listening and learning.


As a fellow salon owner for almost 30 years, I found it could be a very lonely place, especially early on. I wanted to be around other salon owners—to be inspired by their passion and love for the industry. I knew we could share so much, on all levels of salon business. I created the Salon Owners Networking Group on facebook to connect likeminded owners with the desire to learn and grow.


The Group is a safe space just for salon owners to talk openly about their triumphs and struggles, with zero judgement. The goal of the group is to be ‘real’, and support each other through daily challenges that block our progress. 


The Salon Owners Networking Group is a no-sales, no advertising, no recruiting group with a love for personal development, education, growth and a desire to help others. 


All requests to join our amazing group are reviewed and then our page monitored to keep our space safe for all owners. You must be a salon owner and have a salon Facebook page on your Facebook profile, or a salon website associated with you to be in the group. Please answer the group questions. If you choose to not answer ALL of the questions or it doesn’t say anywhere that you are a salon owner, your request will be denied. 

If you’re a passionate salon owner like me and want to connect  with other likeminded salon owners, head on over and join our group today.


I look forward to meeting you!


Join me live in our Facebook community every Wednesday @ 9am EST.